We are NGO "Chas E" and people from occupied Berdiansk. Our goal is to empower and unite displaced citizens of Berdiansk.

Help soldiers from Berdiansk
У липні 2024 року море в Бердянську таке.
Who are we?

We are a community that supports Berdiansk. We have existed since 2017. Everyone who once lived in Berdiansk knows us as "Anticafe." After the occupation of the city, we became the community "Chas e"
What are our projects today?

The most important project is financial help to the military from our home Berdiansk. Because while the war continues, there is a chance to liberate our city. 

About NGO and Volunteering

Berdiansk is occupied by russian soldiers. Many people left. But there are people who decided to stay and wait for the liberation.

Sometimes we get photos of the sea from the occupied city from them. And then we update this photo on the site.

That's how you can feel the connection to the city.

Everyone who grew up or lived in Berdiansk fell in love with the city. It is impossible not to fall in love with the warm sea, gentle beaches, and the wind that smells of the steppe.

It's impossible not to fall in love with brave people protesting again soldiers on tanks.

Berdiansk promises a future in which there is development. Therefore, we will try to speed up the development of our beloved city.

We are in touch with the military from Berdiansk. We are constantly collecting money for their needs.

Keep the pace!

The exhibition about Berdiansk in Lviv.

Information is also a weapon.