Who are we? What are our values?

Our Mission. We aim to preserve and empower human capital of Berdiansk, the town occupied by the russian army.

Our values

  • People and interaction are more important than processes and tools
  • The result is more important than the report
  • Cooperation with the target audience is more important than a detailed results description.
  • Readiness to changes is more important than the plan

My name is Ksenia Kleynos (Facebook) and Kyrylo PelivanovFacebookWe are the founders of the GO "Chas 'E"

We are the people from the occupied Berdiansk.

Before the occupation, we were also an NGO for social initiatives and the owners of the anti cafe "Chas E"

We held a lot of offline events (computer literacy courses, the Snail Fest animation festival for children, an English conversation club), and changed the city through action (greening, creating murals). We formed a community of people who changed the city for the better through action.

During our work, we have implemented dozens of projects and hundreds of events of various formats.

But russian invasion changed everything

After the start of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine in 2022, most of our team members were forced to leave the city of Berdiansk and suspended their activities in the temporarily occupied territory.

Now our NGO works for a different purpose. We want to create a community of citizens of Berdiansk who were forced to leave. It is done for mutual support, and the formation of the vision of the future of our Berdiansk.

Today we:

  • provide psychological support to the evacuated residents of Berdiansk (provided by psychologists who also left Berdiansk),
  • organize art practices around Ukraine
  • have online and offline speaking clubs and meetings for the people who were forced to leave Berdiansk.

The video here shows how we gathered internally displaced people from the city of Berdiansk in the Carpathians to communicate, exchange ideas, create the future, and help each other survive the loss of their homes.