Many members of our community support the Ukrainian army by creating FPV (first person view) drones.

Then these drones are sent to the front, where they are operated by Ukrainian soldiers.

  • FPV drones help gather intelligence. data.
  • FPV drones save the health and lives of soldiers.
  • FPV drones give a competitive advantage on the battlefield.

Збираємо гроші на 2 FPV дрони

Рятуймо життя з дронами

FPV drones are actively used both in defense and in offensive actions. In one day or even one operation, the unit. може випустити по ворогові 15 дронів.

And for a month, the brigade needs to have about a thousand FPVs without taking into account the reserve. In addition to the purchase of ready-made products, communities began to develop in Ukraine, the members of which learn and independently manufacture drones for the military.